Recovering from COVID Vaccines

by Oct 11, 2022News in General

Dr. Bryan Ardis: Four Key Supplements Discovered to Neutralize COVID-19 Venom Protein (Video)

by N.Morgan

In this interview Dr Bryan Ardis discusses the effective natural treatments for those that have taken the vaccination highlighting how to get the poison out of the body. The treatment he suggests are AC selenium, apple pectin powder, and vitamin C at 5000 milligrams a day.

The body knows how to fight off the poison and through these treatments it gives the body that extra boost it needs.

Dr Bryan Ardis is a retired chiropractic and nutritionist. Currently he is the CEO of ArdisLabs and host of the Dr. Ardis Show.


He is passionate about exposing the corruption in the medical system and educating others about the truth of medical treatments available. Dr Bryan Ardis has done extensive research into the COVID 19 vaccinations and the treatment protocols. In his findings he highlights how the Remdesivir drug is not an effective treatment for COVID 19 exposing that when this drug has been considered “safe and effective” 30 to 50 percent of patients entered into kidney failure soon after taking it.

Recommended Treatment

For anyone who has taken the vaccines, or been exposed to those who have taken the vaccines.

  • NAC – Anacetalcystine, 500mg daily minimum
  • Selenium 200mcg daily
  • Apple Pectin Powder
  • Vitimin C – 5000 mg daily

These three things create glutothione which denatures the venom.