Is Human Nature Basically Good or Altogether Evil?

by Feb 27, 2014Christian Discipleship, Worldview Wars

The answer to this age-old question will define your worldview…

There are two prevailing views of human nature. In one view, humans are naturally bad. In the other, humans are naturally good. This may be a simplification, but it is accurate in the aggregate.

In broad terms, leftists tend to believe that humans are naturally good—or at least naturally perfectible. And that is why they emphasize things like the war on poverty, socialized education, and socialized medicine. They believe that the old Platonic lie is actually true—vice is a consequence of poverty and ignorance. Deal with poverty and ignorance, and you will perfect human nature.

Not so much, it turns out. You might change the nature of the crimes, but you certainly won’t change human nature. Even trying to change human nature belies your ideological foundations. How can you believe humans are intrinsically good and in need of perfecting at the same time? The human nature question has already been settled long ago for anyone who cares to stumble out of the proverbial cave of shadows.