Is the Climate Change Agenda Actually Ensuring the Very Thing They Fear?

by Jul 25, 2022News in General

An Upside Down World

What if the Global Climate Change Agenda, instead of reducing global warming and drastic weather patterns, was actually facilitating those events!

The agenda of the entire climate change movement is to reduce the global production of Carbon so that we may stall the coming climate catastrophe an earth climate that wildly swings from severe heat and cold to extreme weather events such as mass flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes and more.

Consider this; the generally accepted amount of C02 in the earth’s atmosphere is right around 400 parts per million at this time (July 25th, 2022), and our current efforts to curb C02 production will reach our goals by the year 2030.

Did you know that plants actually live on C02, we live on O2, and our byproduct of respiration is C02. So when we add more C02 to the atmosphere doesn’t it stand to reason that plants would increase?

This is exactly what we find in the greehouses in the residential yards all over the world. Greenhouse operators actually add C02 to the optimum amount for plant photosynthesis which is 1600 parts per million!!!

So then if we allowed even more carbon / C02 we would actually “green” the earth and increase our overall plant base.

What if the enemy of goodness wanted to destroy the earth WHILE claiming to be saving the earth? And the MORE the restricted us the worse things got, casuing even more panic, ensuring even wider restrictions. Its a never-ending vortex of destruction transforming the vibrant earth into a desolation!