Jesus didn’t come to “Help you with your homework”…

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There is more to this universe than meets the eye…

fasten your seatbelts to take a journey with my psychadelic friend (Trey Smith) to plumb the depths of the cosmos…in search of the truth.

Many have taught about Spiritual Warfare over the years of church history, with all sorts of ideas and claims. Some of which are unbiblical and erroneous. However the fact still remains that there are forces that cannot be explained outside of the realm of a Judeo-Christian Worldview as typified by the teachings of Jesus Christ, and as outlined within the Holy Bible.

You can do some further reading into what some of the teachings are related to the “Fallen Angels” and the Giants.

– “They’re segregated from the heroes, the old-time giants who entered the grave in full battle dress, their swords placed under their heads and their shields covering their bones, those heroes who spread terror through the land of the living.” The Message Version, Ezekiel 32:27

– “And he did not know that giants are there, and that her guests are in the depths of hell” (Douay-Rheims Version, Proverbs 9:18)

– “A man that shall wander out of the way of doctrine, shall abide in the company of the giants”  (Douay-Rheims Version, Proverbs 21:16)

– “Hell below was in an uproar to meet thee at thy coming, it stirred up the giants for thee” (Douay-Rheims Version, Isaiah 14:9)

– “Let not the dead live, let not the giants rise again…” (Douay-Rheims Version, Isaiah 26:14)

Now when men and women live outside of the bounds of Christian principles they can contact and make alliances with the demonic with the hopes to militarize, and take advantage of the supernatural powers. The United States DOD has gotten involved in the occult, they have experimented with the demonic:


Bible Probe (site linked to for the below content) believes that many of the Apparitions of Mary are counterfeited by Satan; many even contain false messages which contradict Scripture. One series of Marian Apparitions, however, stands out with consistent messages that are in line with Scripture.  This was the appearances of our Lady at Bayside, New York.

Below are from “Appearances of Our Lady at Bayside, New York”
(over 25 year period) about UFO’s:


Veronica – Oh, there are two flying saucers now. They are going very, very high into the sky…. Be not afeared, for you are being allowed to see what satan plans to delude mankind with. There is no life as you know it, or human being, or otherwise, upon another planet. The creation of the Father has been given to you in the Book of love and life. Do not fantasize of life on other planets, My children. It is a falsehood. Were it not so you would have been told, for the Father hides nothing from His children. He created man, known Adam and Eve, and as such they were the first of your – of the Father’s creation. You may say, your first mother and father symbol.” – Our Lady, September 28, 1974


“They are performing now prodigies and wonders to confuse and confound mankind. You call one of them the UFOs. They are supernatural manifestations from hell. They are created in the minds of some by the demons, who are capable, because of great power upon earth, to control now the elements, nature.” – Our Lady, February 1, 1978

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