Massive Remdesivir Cover Up, E-bola Study, Global Medical Malpractice.

by Aug 24, 2021Coronavirus

Extensive use of experimental Remdesivir across the United States throughout 2020 for COVID 19 treatment led directly to kidney failure, multiple organ failure, myocarditis, in hospitals acrross the nation.

Anthony Fauci / NIH advised the use of Remdesivir exclusively based solely upon the outcome of two studies, one for ebola, and another. While decrying Hydroxychlorquine, and chlorquine, which were based on a study which administered 10 times the safe amount of HQC which led to severe side effects.

45,000 people have now died from the COVID vaccines now (as of August 2021) within the first 3 days in the medicare reporting system, Harvard is saying that the reporting may be being under reported by a factor of 10 times!

Watch the video below to understand what exactly is being accused by various opposition doctors.