Vaccination Exemption Documents

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Based upon the Eastern Orthodox Christian Church’s opposition to the COVID vaccines.




Contents of the exemption petition:


MEMORANDUM FOR: Immediate Commander, Unit

SUBJECT:  Request for Religious Accommodation – Rank Name, Unit

1.  I request a religious accommodation to not be required to receive a vaccination for COVID-19 in accordance with the standards provided in Army Regulation 40-562 (Immunizations And Chemoprophylaxis For The Prevention of Infectious Diseases), 10 Jul 2013; and in accordance with the standards provided in Army Directive 2018-19 (Approval, Disapproval, and Elevation of Requests for Religious Accommodation), 8 Nov 2018

2.  This request is based on the doctrinal mandate to abstain from any medicines which are the product of immoral production, and the religious advisory of the synods, hierarchs, elders, medical workers of the Eastern Orthodox Church against the COVID-19 vaccine.

3.  I understand that, if my request is disapproved, I understand I may continue to serve without an accommodation, or I may request administrative separation. I also understand that an approved accommodation continues throughout my army career, but may be suspended, modified, or revoked by appropriate authorities when required by military necessity.

4. The point of contact for this request is the undersigned at XXX-XXX-XXXX or EMAIL.


Doctrinal Documents and Statements

of the Orthodox Church pertaining to 


Encl. NAME

That this Religious Accommodation Rank, AR

Will not affect Mission Readiness UNIT

Downloadable File below:



The No Vax Mandate Job Board

In light of the Biden Administration encouraging employers to mandate vaccines in order to retain employment while ironically not requiring vaccination mandates for their own staff, Gab has created a No Vax Mandate Job Board group.

You can view and join the group here.

This job board is for sharing job openings that do not require employees to inject themselves with an experimental substance or violate their bodily autonomy and religious beliefs in order to retain employment. This is also a board for job seekers to share their resume, skills, and story.