My Psychic Power was NO MATCH for Jesus – Hindu vs Jesus

by Aug 2, 2018Christian Discipleship, Christianity & America, Hinduism, Spiritism, Yoga

What to do now?


In India there are MANY miracles that occur, but the TEST for Hindus with familiar spirits is to “test the spirit”. As it is written in John “…if any spirit does not confess Jesus as coming in the flesh is the spirit of the anti-christ.”

Ask the Spirit that is familiar to you, then if they will not confess Jesus, ask Jesus to enter your heart.

THE Messianic Miracles:

In the days of Jesus Christ there was a specific type or sort of miracle that was exclusively a “sign” of the Messiah.

  • To Heal a man born blind
  • To Heal a Leper
  • Casting out a deaf and dumb spirit

When authentic miracles are done there is no feeling of heaviness, or dark feeling during the healing…as compared to miracles of the occult sort, BUT when you ask for healing or a miracle in Jesus name the freedom and joy in Jesus Christ pervades the area!