Secular Humanism The Religion of Atheists

by Jan 31, 2020News in General

The Separation of Church and State?

The move away from organized religion and towards a sort of secular society has been actively promoted by many on the political left in the United States since the late 1800’s, but is secular humanism truly secular? And if not why not?

The supreme court ruled tat secular humanism was indeed a religion in terms of the “establishment” clause of the constitution.

Secular humanism is a vast belief system purported to be solely based upon scientific facts. However one of their primary origin processes accepts the theory of evolution as a defacto proven process in history. When pressed on the difficultites of the Darwinian theory many promoters will simply state, “you just have to believe that it happened that way.” As was famously the case in the movie, “Expelled, No intelligence allowed”, when interviewer Ben Stein asked Richard Dawkins to explain the genesis of the first living cell…

The glaring question then becomes; If secular humanism is a religion with its own unique origins story that requires a belief in an unprovable system, possesses a set of societal rules, and dogmas from wich adherrants gain solace, then how is that the United States education system exclusively promotes this “religion”?

And is it time to rethink this preferrance? 

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