Should Police be able to enter your home SWAT style?

by May 15, 2014Government, Guns and Self Defense, News in General, The Role of the State, Worldview Wars

We’ve all seen it on the Drama TV shows, a SWAT team encircles a drug house and goes in with precision discipline, taking out the bad guys and everything ends well.

But what is the legality of this sort of police action, and is it really necessary to have armed officers storm a citizen’s home guns blazing! Cases of mistaken identity—wrong home—or even children being shot and killed in the craziness of the event. It’s certainly seems more reminiscent of the Wehrmacht state rather than the United States?

What would you do if a group of men dressed n dark clothes tried aggressively breakage into your home in the middle of the night?

Maybe it’s time we rethink our escalating police actions, settle things down a bit, respect the rights of our property owners, and seek to enforce drug laws in other ways.

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