Stronger Societies Bill: AKA Own Your Home Tax Free!

by May 2, 2014Government, NEWS, News in General, Philosophy, The Role of the State, Worldview Wars

It’s time to dream big.

What would be the real economic impact of living mortgage free and tax free?

You’ve seen it before…little old grandma had paid of her home while her husband was around, and now that he’s gone she’s left to pay bills, care for the garden and take care of the place alone…all of a sudden she gets behind on her tax bill because she failed to pay the right people at the right time…

“Oh my husband used to take care of all of that,” she says…but here comes the evil tax man who strips the widow of her home by “force of the gun”, (power of the state), causing it to go to auction, be sold, and the proceeds go to pay the delinquent tax. Almost like Happy Gilmore all over again!
Like what just recently happened to a little old lady in Pennsylvania!

What would happen if you could truly own your home outright.

Once you’ve paid your mortgage off you could live free from property tax until the home was sold. What if you could also “gift” your “paid-off” home to your children or “designated beneficiary” when you passed away or moved into your plush surroundings at the nearby old folk’s home?

It would incrementally divulge capital from running through the hands of government bureaucracies, and directly into the economy, where it could be immediately be put to the greatest use to the individual.

What would happen to the government institutions that rely on this money?

They would slowly be forced to prioritize their spending.  Wow, that’s a novel idea…In speaking with tax officials they are very resistant to this sort of thinking claiming that property tax is as, “old as the hills themselves”…

But just because we’ve, “always done it this way”, do we always have to KEEP doing it this way?

Maybe with ideas like this you and I can be the real change?

This would allow seniors and families the ability to amass wealth, and give new marrieds a low cost start on life. The concept is amazingly simple and would help to build stronger societies by allowing individuals to keep what they earn, build larger savings, or spend it in the free market.

Like the idea?
Share it, spread it and see it help bring about change for the better…