The Trump Prophecy(s)

by Apr 7, 2020News in General

How could a man like Donald Trump become President of The United States?

Could God have been behind it? In the bible from the book of Amos, chapter 3:7, it says, “Surely the Lord God does nothing without revealing His purpose to His servants the prophets.”

Here is a few examples of how The Lord has spoken through His servants, acting as prophets in the earth in our time. God speaks to us to foretell the future that is coming upon us. Many times these sayings are hidden or clouded in mysteries or seen in mist-like ways.


Donald Trump a legacy of revival for the United States?

Kim Clement

Here you can listen to the late Kim Clement, who was a left-leaning, non-Israel supporting prophetic minister. He prophesied these things prior to Trump 2016 election. Beginning as early as 2006.

He passed away shortly AFTER Trump was elected the 45th President of The United States.

Mark Taylor

The next one is a retired firefighter, non-prophet—meaning an informal, non-trained prophet who claimed to have received his prophetic word in 2011 during an interview of Donald Trump that he saw on TV.

Here is his initial prophecy called “Comander in Chief”, as first heard on TruNews. He has since given many additional prophecies regarding Trump and America.

Sahdu Sundar Selveraj

This incredible prophet was the son of a Hindu priest, then he was powerfully saved during a evangelistic outreach. He then became a missionary to Tibet, and following that into Nepal. 

In this prophetic utterance he outlines the presidency of Obama, and the following course of The United States of America.

Obama and the setup for Trump

Sahdu Sundar Selveraj

Given August 10th at 8:53 pm

In this prophetic utterance Sahdu says that Donald Trump will become the next USA President.

As Cyrus was used to discipline Israel and then restore, he will be God’s mouth and hand for the nation.

Steve Strang

Charisma Media Founder, Steve Strang comments on the amazing transformation of Donald Trump and his unique (10 year) turn to Jesus Christ culminating in his conversion under Paula White’s ministry, and he mentions a few prophets who predicted his presidency:

Chuck Pierce in 2008

Mark Taylor in 2011

Lance Wallnau

Frank Amedia, “if you humble yourself before Me you will be the next President of The United States.” See below…

Frank Amedia

Gives an amazing prophecy regarding Donald Trump, and the upcoming election.

Donald Trump

Trump speaking as God’s Voice calls out the POPE!!!

“When ISIS comes to the Vatican The Pope will only hope that Donald Trump was President!”

A Catholic Holy Man in 1983

An holy man, Tom Zimmer in Loretto Italy, prophesied the rise of Donald J Trump back in 1983.

“A man, who i believe in the future, will lead America back to God…I’ve had a premonition.”