WEF, Davos, Global War on Farmers

by Feb 6, 2023davos, WEF, World Economic Forum

SAVE the…Humans?

Always under the guise of, “Save the Whales”, “Save the Salmon”, “Save the Endangered Species”, “Save the Ozone”, “Save the Planet!”

The mantra is the same but the outcome is horrible for humans. Always ends in financial hardship, energy crisis, and famine…the people who claim to know best, end up being driven by the fears of what could be, to destroy good and right and decent improvements to humanity. Things such as low cost abundant natural energy cources which lift all mankind out of the poverty of constantly striving to be warm and fed.

The WEF and the globalists always take their fury out on farms and farmers. Seeking to disable people from self provision they encumber them with massive rules, restrictions and requirements until the poor farmer throws up her hands and secumbs to the suburbian life.

Private property is essential to the preservation of free society, governments would do well to protect that right along with the right to self defense, free speech and other crucial freedoms.