Who is Our Enemy?

by May 10, 2012Worldview Wars

Everyone has enemies…when you think about it, unless you are detached from the world we all offend someone or don’t share the same viewpoint as others in some way. I try to think of the concept of who is truly my enemy. I consider people that hate me to be my enemies but because of what Jesus has done for me I know how much I needed grace to be saved from the power of hell which lives in me. I am now free to extend that same grace to other people who hate me and spitefully use me and say all sorts of evil against me.


I also have enemies that I truly hate and understand that I cannot extend them grace as grace has been prohibited from their benefit. This group consists of evil supernatural entities. Some call them Dark Angels, satanic powers, but whatever you might call them I consider them in the same way the Bible speaks of them as “rebels” who turned against their Creator and now live to make war against all who follow and submit to Him. These I have only the worst sort of hatred for. I despise what they do to destroy God’s people; creating divisions among brothers, encouraging sinful activity in humanity. I will always live to pray against them and seek to liberate my human brothers and sisters from their destroying hold.

Love and hate together?
So in my mind and according to my perspective I am able to, at one time, love those people who hate me and sin against me in hopes that they might change their minds and become saved as I am, while praying for swift destruction and eternal judgment to be meted out against those who “inspire” them to commit sinful acts. Evil, corrupt, rebellious entities…May The Lord rebuke them.

Your Enemy Hates you and wants to wreck your life.
These evil enemies live to create and encourage rebellion against The Creator from within the human race. They use a number of arguments, passions, and mindsets that we naturally have raging in our minds as men and women. Some of these include our desire to rule others or our thirst for power, pride and boasting, the desire to know it all, or the love of money and the list goes on. In the future I will try and provide powerful arguments against frames of thought and ways of thinking that may seem “correct” but that are seriously flawed and dangerously deceptive, actually crafted to draw us away from what we truly long for which is a beautiful relationship with the One who created us and who right now holds us together, all of our billions of atoms, by the power of His word.