Why Was Obamacare’s Passage REALLY so Important?

by Feb 5, 2013Christianity & America, Health and Wellness

“ObamaCare” and the “Affordable Care Act” demand that all Americans receive insurance coverage, and that they pay for this with a huge tax increase and a penalty tax for non-compliance, whether they wish to have health insurance or ever intend to actually utilize it or not.

This article is not intended to say that traditional western medicine is bad or evil; (I, in fact, believe the opposite:  one of the most wonderful things about American ingenuity, has been our leading the charge in superb medical advancement and free market health care until socialism began ruining it) but rather to point out that those who choose to not rely on medical care as a routine part of their lives are going to be penalized for their responsibility in their own health, by  penalizing them if they choose to not obtain a regulated health care plan, and potentially regulating natural health approaches so significantly, they will no longer be available.

Where does this leave those of us who rarely utilize allopathic medical care?  Allopathic medical care is the traditional medical care in the United States.  Once born out of a great desire to heal the body from affliction, it long ago stepped into the cause of blending healing illness with perceived “wellness”.  However, the wellness realm of allopathic (western) medicine means it promotes health and wellness through the use of scientifically created substances.  For example, if one has high cholesterol, a doctor is likely to prescribe a statin drug to treat this condition.  Statins function by adversely affecting and partially shutting down the liver, therefore creating a transfer of cholesterol to the supposed beneficial type.  Natural medicine would focus on a diet and supplements, that leave the liver unharmed, and promote overall wellness.  Your choice on how to treat cholesterol issues should be your choice, not the government’s.

Some doctors have been learning some of the natural forms of healing, as a way to integrate a holistic approach to health and avoid the overuse of medications.  Unfortunately, this recent return to the traditional art of healing is likely to die out under Obamacare, as the incentive to treat with anything but pharmacological drugs will be lowered.  There is no incentive in a collective payer system, for remaining healthy, and reducing costs!

Americans who are paying attention have learned that Obama’s claims that Obamacare will work one way when the plan is clearly another, and that the tax in Obamacare is truly a tax, despite him calling it otherwise.  They will also see that his new “acceptance” of “alternative care” will be nothing more than a sham, as well.  Recently, the administration has come out with a new promise.  The Obama administration has said that Obamacare will cover alternative medicine. This, however, is quite the oxymoron.  Since “natural medicine” and “alternative treatments” are not regulated by the FDA, the administration will either, a)  have extremely limiting qualifying coverage even though folks pay in at a “medical plan cost”, or b)  seek to make alternative medicine subject to FDA rules and reign.

This  means that products and treatments that millions utilize for building health and wellness could potentially become “illegal” for consumers in a paternalistic state that ensures “they just want to help us,” or they could come under the umbrella of big pharma, who is partially responsible for iatrogenic deaths (deaths caused by health care and related medicines) of over 750,000 per year.

Pfizer and Merck are already under investigation for collusion with the administration on Obamacare.  This is just one of the many layers of corruption, payoffs and ulterior motives that Obamacare holds within it’s “we just wish to give everyone equal access to health care” guise.

Individuals and families that choose to avoid traditional medical care as much as possible, and don’t desire to purchase traditional health insurance, will soon be subject to being forced to buy into a program (or pay a significant penalty) that supports an unhealthy America.  While Obama has attempted to sell this to Americans as the “gilded egg” for curing what ails the health of America, the truth is it is anything but that.  This program, with the biggest tax increase in the history of the US, will do nothing but further the entitlement mentality of showing up in the Emergency Room, Urgent Care and doctors offices to demand a free pill to fix ailments, with absolutely no responsibility for their own health and wellness.  When one doesn’t have to pay out of pocket, one has little intrinsic investment in their healthcare.

Families such as mine, who choose not to have traditional health insurance but rather personal savings accounts and/or support fellow Christians with cost sharing ministries, will receive the ultimate losing end of the socialist stick.  We take great responsibility for our health, choose natural/home birth, supplementation and natural medicine, all out of our own pocketbook, and rely not on health insurance, or the demands they make.

Will a government that prosecutes farmers for selling raw milk to their neighbors, and eggs not inspected by Food and Drug Aadministration workers, truly support a group of people who say no to flu shots, and yes to immune boosting health supplements, healing tinctures and traditional raw foods?

Anytime government programs are used by the people, the people have certain requirements for their usage.  Soon, under Obamacare, it will be much harder to avoid immunizations and flu shots, should your family have researched and discovered that is the best choice for you.  Since Obamacare will be primarily concerned with fulfilling requirements by the Centers for Disease Control, US Dept of Health and Human Services (HHS), World Health Organization, the FDA, and “big pharma,” all folks will be “strongly urged” to comply with mandates for flu shots and vaccines, as well as “well baby visits”, “mandatory health screenings”, and in pregnancy, a host of ineffective, over medicalized and downright unnecessary testing and injections.

At first, people may be given the choice, but after the corporations, sponsors and those administering the plan desire further compliance, it is not unreasonable at all to expect efforts such as “the flu epidemic is so large that it can cost the program a lot of money if people go unvaccinated.  Mandatory vaccinations are being implemented.”  We are hearing now from all the media outlets, the CDC and drug companies, how irresponsible it is to avoid a flu shot, despite many doctors and pharmacists themselves saying they’d prefer healthy individuals rather risk the flu than getting the flu shot or the idea that the flu shot will protect you.  The government has become way too involved in pressuring people with medications, and now requiring even more of it that is paid for by the taxpayer.  Many of us are going to lose our autonomy to make informed and personal decisions regarding our health and the health of our children.  The question is, if you want a flu shot, fine, get one.  However, if you don’t want one, don’t want to pay for the shots of others OR yourself, will making “rules” against people increase their health or decrease it?

Other government programs that offer “benefits”, such as TANF, Food stamps, WIC, etc., require compliance with rules, such as immunizations, weight checks, blood checks for anemia, etc.  If you don’t comply, you “don’t get.”  The difference?  Many of us who don’t wish “to get” will still be required to comply with the program, since the program is a forced buy-in.

The ways that Obamacare affects our freedom of choice, and responsibility to health will be seen during it’s implementation.  Obama is beholden to those who sponsored the plan.  They sponsored the plan not out of the goodness of their hearts, but because they saw huge dollar signs to line their own pockets.  Pfizer and Merck, and many others saw that this will create an even larger dependence on prescriptions and resulting cascades of health issues caused by Americans absent in their own health responsibility-financially and culturally, and their own over medicalized philosophies.  The results will be evident more as time passes on the plan.

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