Will the real birth certificate please come forth?

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Could we be looking at the actual birth certificate of one Barry Sotero / AKA Barak ObamaObama Birth Certificate

Here is the released government document. Still editable within the graphics editing program called Adobe Illustrator which easily allows the changing of data:



And here is a link to the court documents provided during the investigation conducted by Sheriff Arpaio of Maricopa County in the state of Arizon, USA.

Click to read the full documents-pdf:



This site is amazing:


I was watching “And We Know” (I think) and he mentioned this lady’s site. Go to the “For Diggers” and “The File Drawer” pages and there is a crap ton of stuff like;

The Clinton Death List


And proof that Obama’s birth certificate is a fraud


Just a couple of the cool things I found.


Who is Barak Obama, Truly?

Watch the compelling video below of a 15 year old, secular jewish boy who died and claimed to have had a vision of heaven and was shown some incredible details about the coming last war and who exactly is Barak Obama.

A great war is coming, Gog will bring the army of the world against Jerusalem, the entire world will want it, all nations will fight against each other for two weeks, the only thing to save us is to repent.

Doing acts of kindness, a war between soldiers will battle all, but all will fight against Israel, and what Nathan saw as in a movie, he saw all attacking Israel, the IDF will hold them off for two days…and after that the land will be open. They kidnap people and kill them, a nuclear bomb will be small and God will freeze it in the sky, it will fall on Tel Aviv and Haifa. Then they get to Jerusalem which will be a refuge.

Gog and the UN, Russia, and The 70 Nations of the UN, will kidnap people and tortue them. The Mount of Olives will be split in two, he will stand at the entrance of the Mount of Olives and all who are to be saved will be, and those who must be destroyed. The Messiah is someone who NEVER sinned, he never committed even One Sin. We know The Messiah, everyone will be surprised at The Messiah, He will kill Gog and bury him in Israel. He is a person who is sinless, he is secular, and everyone knows Him.

The Messiah will smell each person if he is holy, good deeds, if he has true fear of Heaven and not just fear of punishment.

Ezekiel says, on that day I will give Gog a burial place in Israel, then Zechariah says, “His feet shall stand on the mount of olives”…Messiah stands at the opening and He judges the person, “He smells the fear of God”. After the Mt of Olives splits in two, God Himself will come and He will be in a robe, dipped in blood, and God will take revenge on all of the Gentiles…He will destroy everything in 2 minutes – everthing will collapse instantly.

How will we know when the war begins. It will start with a boom, BUT it has already started on Sept 11th, 2015 (27th of Elul, 5777, the War of Gog and Magog has already begun). It first seems small but an event will start it all off, They will fight against each other, then unite and come against Israel. Ezekiel 38, the steps buildings everything but only in certain places all over the world…”All the creeping things…mountains shall be thrown down, and steps shall fall to the ground.” All of the nation of Israel needs to repent and wake up, God sends many harsh events so that we might repent and unite, every evil thing that happens to us comes from God so we might repent.


The Day of The Lord:

The day the Gentiles come and God Fights for Israel will be a strange day without an end…

The time is coming VERY SOON!
Unless people repent…but the redemption will still happen very soon.


The Temple will Descend:

The heavenly temple will fall down from heaven in full view of all people, then the resurrection of the dead will happen two weeks later.


Eternal Reconciliation:

Some will spend time in Hell, for 2 days, or some for one year! Then he will be worthy to come back and be included in the resurrection of dead.


The Resurrection of the Dead:

Moses Abraham Isaac and Jacob – will be visible, but you can only see from a distance, if you get close you will burn, because they are holy.

Every sin has its own punishment, ie: pride is a HUGE sin…being disrespectful in the holy place is a huge sin. Someone who humiliates your friend has no part in the world to come…forbidden sexual relations, and murder, lets eyes wonder and looks at unproper women, some who were great on earth may not be anything up there. Breaking the Sabbath is also huge…looking at your phone on the sabbath is a no no.



Status on earth means nothing, even if you were rich you will be poor. Life is a huge test, for rewards…you will be repaid for all of your good deeds.


Why do People Suffer?

You might do some good, for the good things they do the evil will receive a rwrad on earth. But for the good in the world to come the good get all their rewards, even if you repent on the last day of your life it counts.


Women Suffer More Severely:

When a woman is prideful she is punished more severely, for slander, gossip, and an evil tongue, and modesty is huge.


Punishment & Mercy:

People who are Young will receive mercy and kindness, those over 20 will be treated more severely, if you repent, your sin will never be brought up!




How do We Reconcile this with Christianity?

When we accept Jesus we must also produce fruit in keeping with repentance to prove that we are within Jesus. We will still be rewarded for our deeds, but our salvation is somehow also secure within the Messiah. Christians will be in the highest heaven automatically, covered by the Blood of The Messiah.