Will the real birth certificate please come forth?

by Dec 12, 2013NEWS, News in General, Worldview Wars

Could we be looking at the actual birth certificate of one Barry Sotero / AKA Barak ObamaObama Birth Certificate

Here is the released government document. Still editable within the graphics editing program called Adobe Illustrator which easily allows the changing of data:



And here is a link to the court documents provided during the investigation conducted by Sheriff Arpaio of Maricopa County in the state of Arizon, USA.

Click to read the full documents-pdf:



This site is amazing:


I was watching “And We Know” (I think) and he mentioned this lady’s site. Go to the “For Diggers” and “The File Drawer” pages and there is a crap ton of stuff like;

The Clinton Death List


And proof that Obama’s birth certificate is a fraud


Just a couple of the cool things I found.