Antidepresants and Gun Violence – BAN THE PHARMA!

by Jan 21, 2013Guns and Self Defense, News in General, Spiritual, Worldview Wars

Maybe we should be banning antidepresants rather than GUNS!

A close friend of mine recounted his experience with youth prescription drug use. When I asked him if he’d ever taken some of the pills that have been involved in the school shootings he said, “have you ever taken some of the pills? back in the good ol days my doctor (named edited) rip made up the best batch of pills I have ever taken in my life—the best high I have ever had and it lasted as long as I was awake and I had awesome dreams…I ended up takin most of the bottle one night right after I got the prescription filled in his office while we talked. My dad said I was a zombie-I loved those pills, I was completely separate from my body when I was on those pills, I was controlling my body from outside myself and I was in absolute bliss because it was like my soul wasn’t trapped in my body, but it could control my body, but it wasn’t apart of what happened to my body…and they kept me on those pills for years”

“I kept sayin it’s the drugs that are f-in me up and everybody still thinks I’m crazy…it’s the drugs not the guns that are taking the edge off life so kids aren’t afraid to go to school and kill. The drugs made life seem like a movie I was a part of but it’s just a role I was playing, the drugs separated my mind from actually being invested in my life so my mind could detach from actually feeling responsible for the things that I did…”

Now consider the astonishing things that school shooters do and ask if those are the actions of normal kids…