Those Crazy Cannucks! Univ of Toronto to Host Orgy…

by Jan 17, 2013Christian Discipleship, Christianity & America, NEWS, Spiritual, Worldview Wars

Where is our morality headed?

What is the true satanic agenda of sexual education?

Doubtless most young men might think this heaven on earth but truly this is sanctioned, state-sponsored sin (fornication) which will kill future intimacy with their spouses not to mention enslave many young people to destructive sexual perversions…All on the people of Canada’s Tax dollar.

Yet another reason to think twice about sending our children to places of “higher education”…INSANE!

Step away from Canada Christian…


And more from our colleges! Institutions of LOWER LEARNING….
Washington College of St Louis Promotes Porn Industry during “Sex Week”…which, as you know, every college MUST HAVE!
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And what about this!? Porn Panel hosted at top Medical School!
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