Common Core – why it’s wrong for America

by May 12, 2014Atheism, Communism and socialism, Education, Government, Secular Humanism, The Role of the State, Youth

Why is the “Common Core” system of education a bad idea for public education? After all doesn’t it make sense to have all of our American young people able to accomplish, at least, the very basic of ideas regarding education? At first glance anyone would agree with that idea, however the issue that arises is “common” to all sorts of efforts at standardization. People are amazingly unique creatures and possess many varied skills and abilities that can’t possibly all be managed under a “one-size-fits-all” approach to education. Young people learn best when they have the freedom to experiment and experience a wide variety of styles and approaches in their education. How can this happen when all “education” is the same?

The Philosophical Origins of Common Core

Common Core, whether it knows it or not, springs from the concept of humanism and evolutionary worldview. This philosophy is antithetical to freedom. Meaning it always wants standardization as opposed to free experimentation. Free-thinkers understand that the only way that we ever “discover” truly new ideas is by being allowed to “think outside the box”.

When there is federal oversight and standards imposed on educational settings then the outcome is teaching to accomplish the requirements of the “test”. Nothing more, because the “test” is paramount.

A Better Idea in Public Education

A better idea is open up the public education system to free market dynamics. If you are truly seeking the betterment of the education system you will consider allowing the, “money to follow the student”, and allow a myriad of teaching styles and practices to spring up throughout the fruited plain. The dynamism the would follow would be truly remarkable as every sort of learning approach would be fueled and the results would be seen in the effectiveness of students’ ability to enter the free market workforce with incredible ideas and new found dynamism rather than “cookie cutter” cogs for insertion into the global corporate juggernaut.