Rachel Carson and the truth about DDT

by May 31, 2012Health and Wellness, News in General0 comments

Do you REALLY want to save dying babies in Africa?

Ever wondered why we don’t have Malaria in the United States?

I remember reading Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring” in college, I was shocked at how terrible the pollution problem was worldwide…What my educators failed to mention was that while Rachel Carson may have had some valid points about real abuses she was just another “useful idot” in the godless agenda of world control.

I always hear about organizations struggling to save starving children from mosquito borne Malaria outbreaks. Did you know there is a miracle substance that was so devastatingly effective at eradicating Malaria that it was targeted by the godless overpopulation zealots and has long been banned. Have you ever heard of DDT?

Read this great article and weep for the children…Then notify your congressman!



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