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Many people have sought to find the answer to the “day of The Lord”, we, as believers would not be overtaken by it and we would also not be taken unawares, as those who do evil will be. The Day of The Lord will come as a “Thief in the night”, and Jesus says that no man will know the “Day or the Hour”…

So the proper attitude of a Christ follower is to always “watch and pray”, because that day will come “like a flood” on the ungodly, and Jesus will come with ten thousands of His Holy ones to repay all the ungodly sinners for what they have said in their ungodliness against Him.

As Christians we patiently wait for the return of Our King, however we also implore or beg our fellow human beings to accept the free gift of peace with God through Jesus Christ now, before the end comes so that they might be saved (John 3:16).

And just to prime the pump so to speak check out what is happening this fall…all of the ungodly are super excited about this, but they should really turn and receive grace now:


Review some released FBI files addressed to Edgar Hoover regarding the presence of “Extra-Dimensional” beings…

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