The Three Biggest Lies of Our Day

by Nov 17, 2023Christian Discipleship, News in General

The Rise of the AntiChrist and The Great Tribulation is Coming!

This lie originated around the mid 1800’s with the release of the Darby Study Bible, and the Scofield Study Bible and has permeated all of Christendom.

It says that the Book of Revelation was written after the historical fall of Jerusalem, and sees the predictions found within to be slated for some time in our future. Commonly referred to by Christians as a “futurist” or dispensationalist view, it pushed all of the revelation out to having been meant for our day. It has led to the widely accepted view of the end times which includes a devastating time of the Great Tribulation, and an argument among Christianty of the timing of the rapture of the saints, along with much division.

The Truth is that much of church history accepted the idea that many of the events of the book of Revelation actually were fulfilled at the destruction of the Israelite temple in Jerusalem by the Romans in 70AD. Nero was The AntiChrist (his name equaled 666), and the woman riding the beast was the city of Jerusalem aboard the Ruling power of the day Rome. The gentiles trampled the city for exactly forty two months which was the exact timing of Nero’s persecution until his death, historical accounts by Roma historians of the day Tacitus and Josephus of a great flash of lightning, trumpet sounds and people rising from the dead in the middle of the night, (thief in the night), and incredibly, so much more.

What now?

We are now to be overcoming the kingdom of darkness with God’s Kingdom and the Kingdom of His Messiah, “Making disciples of all nations”, and overcoming the gates of hell awaiting the final enemy to be conquered which is death.

This knowledge of God is not going to become lesser and lesser until Jesus returns, quite the opposite, it will become greater and greater and actually “fill the earth as the waters cover the sea”, or “of the increase of His government and peace there will be no end”, or “the stone that struck the mountain became a great mountain and filled the whole earth”, “like a Mustard seed became the largest of garden plants”.

It’s now our opportunity to join The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit in their work during our time here.


Anthropomorphic Climate Change!

This lie has been gaining steam since the mid 1970’s and is being used by powerful people to scare us into giving up our wealth, and bowing to onerous legislation. It claims that with the increase of carbon in the atmosphere we will see the rise of sea levels, greater storm activity, and the death of the planet from greenhouse gas poisoning. The IPCC used billions of dollars from US Taxpayers to bribe 192 nations to “Join” the movement to cut carbon. They have funded “scientist’s” studies to declare the climate emergency to the world.

The truth is that the earth actually thrives on Co2, which is a absolutely critical component to plant life, and thereby all life on earth. We actually need to increase Co2 rather than curb it. Our planet atmospheric average is around .04%, if it gets cut in half we could see all life on earth destroyed, the earth becoming a literal desert.

The reality is we actually need to add almost 4 times the amount of carbon into the atmosphere to see our earth flourish. Greenhouse managers often add Co2 to their greenhouses to arrive at .16% ratio for optimal plant growth.

What we can do is STOP mining for lithium, which is scarring great land masses, STOP erecting wind farms, and solar arrays which are very innefficient at power generation.

The Copernican Model of a Globe Earth & Heliocentric Solar System!

This lie is absolutely stunning when you begin to see the truth.

It claims that we are living on a spherical earth that is rotating at 1,000mph at the equator, revolving around the sun at a speed of roughly 66,000mph, traveling through space with the rest of the solar system at nearly 450,000mph! It also claims that men have landed upon the moon, that there is a vast universe of “space” beyond our solar system, and that there are many other worlds and even possibly universes “out there”.

The truth is that until about 500 years ago, the earth was known to be a flat circle that is immovable and stationary, that the sun and moon are actually very nearby, and rotate around the firmament above the earth, that there is an edge of the earth and an impenatrable “firmament” that has never been pierced. The acceptance of the Copernican understanding of the cosmos did not come from careful observation, but by strong influence of occult gnosis (knowledge) through Hermeticism. Literally a “doctrine of demons”.