Islam, Roman Catholicism, Christianity?

An interesting juxtaposition of Roman Catholicism, Islam, and Christianity…The Queen of heaven, The Immaculate Heart, Co-Redemtrix, Isis, Free Masonry, and the doctrines of Islam, and Roman Catholics, and Protestantism.  

The “Sign of The Son of Man”, Planet X theory, Angels, Demons?

Here’s a great video link explaining the theory of everything…end times, angels, demons, heaven & hell… Click to View Video¬†(it’s blocked on this player)   Here is another video relating to the possible planet-sized object heading...

Nazi’s, Demons, Illuminati “Illumi-Nazi” alliance – “Root Race” Theory, Satanism FBI Testimonial

Entire 15 Part DEEP STATE Series at Edge of Wonder Youtube Fritz Springmier Presentation by Fritz Springmier, author of The 13 Illuminati Bloodlines, explains much of the background of this extremely elusive topic.